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5 Interesting Facts of Your Teeth

Other than helping you chew and speak, teeth are also very important in determining the shape of your face and your smile. There are many interesting facts associated with teeth. Have you heard of the ones below?  Read and explore.

  • Caring for the teeth is an ancient phenomenon

Toothbrushes are a fairly recent concept in oral care but dental care is not new. In earlier times people used frayed ends of twigs to clean their teeth by chewing on them. Polishing of teeth was taken care by using ground animal hooves and crushed eggshells.

  • Your Teeth Can Reveal Facts About You

Just by checking your teeth, scientists can find out your age and your food habits. Your teeth can reveal many things about your health by giving out details about period of illness or stress that you may have been through.

  • Your Tooth Profile Is Unique

Every tooth in your mouth has a different shape and size, right from your baby teeth in your formative years to your permanent teeth in the adult years. Other than being different from each other, your set of teeth is also different. This also makes your smile truly yours.

  • You Are Born With the Blueprint of Your Teeth

Babies are born with the crowns of the baby teeth in their respective places. They wait for the right time to start erupting.  As these teeth grow, the adult teeth starts forming under them and when they are ready, they push out the baby teeth and take their place.

  • Your Pearly Whites Need Complete Care

Cleaning what is visible to you is not sufficient for your oral care. You have to be able to clean between the teeth as well. This helps you get a bacteria-free mouth and a healthy set of teeth and gums.

To find more fun facts about your oral health, visit the dentist regularly irrespective of any dental problems. The dentist can make a proper assessment of your oral health.

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